By Angela Greco

Pisces Season: Sunshine Daydream + Pour-Over Recipe

Notes of lemon custard, raspberry, and silky honey

Sunshine Daydream just fits the Pisces season vibe. Bright and delicate, this light roast is every bit as sweet as these water signs are at their best. People might say Pisces are unrealistic, but what’s really so bad about letting yourself daydream a bit? 
This certified organic coffee is sourced from Dumerso washing station in Ethiopia, where sisters Hirut and Mahder Berhanu employ 290+ workers in the harvest season, 95% of whom are women. You can check out their operation on Instagram.

Sunshine Daydream Pour Over for Two

Sunshine Daydream on pour-over is just... *chef's kiss.* The Hario V60 is our go-to set-up to help all that bright, fruity clarity shine through. We took inspiration from James Hoffmann’s Ultimate V60 technique for this one, which you can check out on YouTube. This is a great baseline for any pour-over - here are the cliffnotes:

You will need:
Kitchen scale
Kettle (preferably gooseneck)
Burr grinder*
Hario V60 or similar pour-over dripper 
Hario V60 filters
A carafe or other vessel of your choice to brew into 
Water! Ideally filtered, 
definitely not mineralized
A cute lil' spoon 
Sunshine Daydream ☀️

1. Start your water boiling

2. Measure 30g of coffee and grind to a medium-fine consistency

3. Situate your filter in the V60 and rinse it with boiled water to get any papery taste out and warm your carafe

4. Empty the water out of your carafe, load the coffee grounds in the V60, level them, and situate everything on the scale. Zero out your scale, and you are ready to begin! 

1. Start your timer and make your first pour. Pour 60 grams of water in a spiral motion, starting inward and making your way out, wetting all the grounds. Give everything a stir or swirl to agitate and fully saturate the coffee

2. At the 30 second mark, pour slowly until your scale hits 300 g.  

3. At 1:50, pour to 500 g. The V60 should be full the whole time, so pour slowly, but you should have all the water poured by 2:20. 

4. Gently stir the grounds - first clockwise, then counter-clockwise. 

5. As the water drains, give the pour-over a final swirl. 

7. Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

*A note about grinders: if you have only a blade grinder at home, it will be hard to dial-in your grind size and your grounds will be uneven, which can make extraction unpredictable. We highly recommend investing in a burr grinder. Baratza and Fellow make some great electric options, and we love Hario's budget-friendly hand grinders!

If you want your morning cup of coffee to support ethical and women-led operations, check out other Sightseer coffees. We're proud local coffee roasters in Austin, TX who source our beans exclusively from women producers - making our coffee feminist AF!