By Angela Greco

Coffee Origin Stories: El Vergel Farm & Eventide Decaf

Ah, the much maligned decaf. Say what you will, haters: decaf is essential for light sleepers, pulse watchers, and those who want to burn the midnight oil without actually pulling an all-nighter.

With none of the caffeine but ALL of the flavor, Sightseer's Eventide is a low-key favorite, sourced from an amazing farm we've been working with since day one: El Vergel Estate in Tolima, the Andean region of Colombia.


El Vergel farm has been a family affair since the 90s, when the Bayter family threw themselves into cultivating avocados. In the 2000s, Martha the matriarch decided to diversify by adding coffee beans to the rotation. She and her family experimented with new varieties and new fermentation methods, constantly pushing the envelop in terms of quality and innovation. Today, El Vergel is recognized as an innovative leader of Colombian specialty coffee.

After carefully drying select coffee lots on their estate, El Vergel sends those lots to be decaffeinated using an EA Sugarcane process that strikes an ideal balance between natural processing, sustainability & flavor.

Sightseer decaf drinkers seem pretty pleased with the fruits of El Vergel's labor. "Smooth and well-rounded," "rich and full-bodied," and "super flavorful," they say. Or our personal fave: "My husband drank it for weeks and didn’t even realize it was decaf."


You can shop Eventide Decaf and our other coffees, night or day, rain or shine, on our site. And in May 2024, you'll be able to pick up a pound of beans and a fun coffee drink at our coffee bar inside Sugar Mama's Bakeshop on S. 1st!